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An unparalleled and ongoing combination of business experience, academic insight and applied research coupled with PhD’s in leadership and a unique combination of rigorous certifications from world leading organisations, enable us to offer leadership development with real depth and effectiveness. We have identified, trained in, applied professionally and personally, and been certified to coach, teach and consult in world leading programs that include enabling you to take ‘The Leadership Challenge®’, Overturn ‘Immunity to Change™’, and use the Enneagram to better understand yourself and others. Our own unique and proprietary ‘Truly Authentic Leadership’ offering reflects our latest research. 

Dr Rodger Spiller - Your Leadership Guide

Rodger established Rodger Spiller & Associates and began presenting courses on leadership in 1984. After undertaking pioneering leadership research for his PhD he continued to research and develop his leadership development training and coaching, including qualifying in the USA as an Authorised Provider of The Leadership Challenge®, a Certified Immunity-to-Change™ Coach and Facilitator and a Certified and Authorised Teacher with the Enneagram Institute. He is also a Courage & Renewal Facilitator prepared by the Center for Courage & Renewal in the USA and a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™.  Rodger brings a vast wealth of coaching, presenting, consulting and business experience to his leadership development work. 

Truly Authentic Leadership

Rated in the top ten of leadership books internationally, ‘Authentic Leadership’ (Spiller & Ladkin) introduces the powerful, profound, proven, and practical approach we take to developing truly authentic leadership. Contact us for a diagnosis and prescription to meet your needs and receive a complimentary copy of Rodger’s chapter that describes what authentic leadership looks like from his point of view as both a leadership and investment expert. Wise investors want to know that a business is investing in leadership development that provides sufficient emphasis on development – which according to Harvard’s Kegan & Lahey is a major failing of most so-called ‘leadership development’.