Leadership matters – how to make a more positive impact

Increase Your Return On Investment

Rodger Spiller & Associates seeks to help make a positive impact by being a world leader in leadership development. Through keynotes, workshops and coaching we aim to offer the most in-depth and transformational approaches to effectively developing human potential.

We weave together two powerful concepts. Firstly, the unique understandings of ethical and responsible investors, including Rodger’s clients through his business  Money Matters, who know that developing human capital within the companies they invest is key to making money and making a difference. Secondly, the realisation that the business leadership required to solve the world’s problems is fundamentally different to “business (and leadership) as usual” -  our new approach is needed to develop more enlightened, more conscious and healthier leaders and businesses.   

Global investment researchers increasingly report on the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance of listed businesses to help investors understand these key dimensions. This research includes a focus on what they describe as ‘Development of Human Capital’ with ratings for how well companies do this. Wise investors want to know that a business is investing in leadership development that provides sufficient emphasis on development. However according to Harvard’s Kegan & Lahey this is a major failing of most so-called ‘leadership development’.

The Rodger Spiller & Associates focus on offering in-depth development is akin to offering the “red pill” as popularised in The Matrix movies. The character Neo, is offered the “blue pill” of life as usual or the “red pill” as an opportunity to “wake up” from Morpheus who says: “All I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.” In the context of investment and business, the “blue pill” is conventional “investment and business as usual” (and leadership development) and the illusion that this is optimal. It’s time to really wake-up.

The bottom line is that how you develop your leadership really does matter.

How We Develop Excellence

Reflecting our strong research expertise we adopt the scientific method of action research working with you through the four key stages of development: plan, act, observe and reflect. We also relate these stages to the three steps in the investment process (similarly to how we work at Money Matters) - plan, implement and monitor.

Another analogy is medical – as Doctors of business and leadership – we work with you to diagnose your leadership situation. Bringing together our expertise and other world-class local and global leadership development approaches, we prescribe you an optimal plan, help you implement it, and monitor progress providing ongoing support.  

Plan:  We work with you to clarify your current position and goals - the leadership challenges that you and your organisation want to overcome to make a more positive impact.  Then we create a plan. This process can include undertaking formal assessments. Based on this we will recommend a keynote address, workshop(s) and/or coaching.

Act - Implementing: We put the finalised plan into action. Keynotes present topical and transformational insights from the field of leadership and when coupled with workshops and/or coaching set the scene for these and encourage engagement. Workshops dive into the detail with participants rolling up their sleeves and immersing themselves in the inner and outer work of transformational change. Coaching individual leaders provides the most in-depth insight, maximum feedback and accountability for positive impact.

Observe and Reflect - Monitoring: Your plan is updated as required. Drawing upon our skills as researchers we consider your progress more carefully, more systematically, and more rigorously than would otherwise be possible; and use the insights gained as a source of both improvement and knowledge. We recommend changes as necessary. We conduct ongoing research, and if appropriate will recommend new strategies. We keep you updated, provide regular communications, and answer any questions.

Why choose us?

Unparalleled Expertise With a PhD in leadership, business and investment, and a passion for personal and professional development that has led him to participate in transformational workshops since the 1970’s, Rodger has been developing leaders since 1984 and been a leader in the investment and business field since 1988.  Rodger is supported by the extensive leadership development experience, research and writing of Professor Chellie Spiller – whose work is profiled at www.chelliespiller.com. We provide the leadership development and guidance you need to achieve your life and leadership goals and fulfil your true potential.

World Leading Research and Insights Our research is published internationally and continues to be widely referenced. Our passion for knowledge along with the growth and development of ourselves and others, sees us continue to undertake extensive research and produce insights that make a real difference. We also continue as participants in the most advanced, transformational training. We believe that education is the best investment – and put that into practice building an ever-increasing wealth of insights to share.

Depth Distilled We make the complex feel simple, and ensure you are listened to, respected, and understood. With extensive insight to psychology, philosophy and the spiritual dimensions of work and well-being, Rodger can help you develop, implement and monitor your plan for your life of leadership.

Visionary & Pioneering Innovative and purposeful, we’re leaders in our field. Raising the leadership development bar, we’re instrumental in bringing our clients new ideas, content and methods. We’re pioneering a whole new way to have a positive impact, and make your leadership matter.

Boutique & Bespoke When you work with Rodger Spiller & Associates, you’re not passed onto another consultant; you deal directly with our Founder, Rodger, throughout the process. Rodger will create a leadership development plan and process personalised to your goals then guide your journey.